Why Elvis Preston King the NEW King Takes Cruise Vacations withHis Dream Girls

Why Elvis Preston King the NEW King Takes Cruise Vacations with His Dream Girls! There is nothing like a cruise to please Elvis and his top dream girl all at the same time. Number one Elvis Preston King never takes driving trips. It's too dangerous and Elvis thinks his chauffeur is a lousy driver! And for sure if other drivers were to come face to face with Elvis and one of his stunning 18 year old dolls he could cause a deadly accident or at the very least a traffic jam backed up for hours! Elvis likes how you check your bags at the port and the Magic Wizard whizzes them to his room before he get to his suite. Elvis only accepts suite rooms with a balcony which he says is really romantic for his girls! Elvis likes tradition, Elvis likes elegance and to be treated like Royalty. After all Elvis Preston King is the NEW King and he is today's Royalty. He expects to be treated that way.

On the RIGHT CRUISE he gets such treatment. Some times Elvis likes to dress up in his Tuxedo and reminisce when he was the King of Rock and Roll. The formal dinner is the only way Elvis likes to dine. Although he has been known to ask for room service and order the buffet but private in his room. Also he loves it when the chef cooks his peanut butter and fried banana sandwich and sends it up to his room in lieu of the midnight buffet. On one cruise Elvis broke down and sang "Are You Lonesome tonight" in a lounge and caused a commotion still talked about to this day on this particular cruise line.

Oh yes Elvis has a disguise. But you can see it is really him if you look closely. He is graying and fat but it's him alright. Remember how Elvis had to rent the whole movie theatre to go to a movie.

Well now he goes widely unnoticed at the movies on a cruise ship and he loves going to the movies on his cruise vacation most of all! To find out which cruise you can catch Elvis Preston King on you need to do a Google search for future articles by Elvis Preston King the New King! .

By: Elvis Preston King

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Why Elvis Preston King the NEW King Takes Cruise Vacations withHis Dream Girls - Why Elvis Preston King the NEW King Takes Cruise Vacations with His Dream Girls.

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