The Picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia

The Blue Ridge Mountain range, a.k.a. Blue Ridge Province stretches from northern Georgia up through North Carolina, Virginia and finally to a portion of Pennsylvania. This range is part of the Appalachian Mountains that forms a solid mountainous wall parallel to the eastern seashore of the United States.

The Blue Ridge Mountains along its western edge elongates into isolated groups of mountains with rich green valleys between. It is here in northern Georgia where the Blue Ridge Mountain range is at its widest?60 to 70 miles in places. Elevation varies from 2000 to 4000 feet (600 to 1200 meters).The climate is experienced as warm days and cool nights. Winter highs are up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and dipping to below freezing at night.

Mountain snow is expected three or four times a year. In the summer, the temperature can be as high as 85 degrees during the day.The Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia elicits quite a diverse environment. This is a place where the southern temperate climate meets the cooler north.

A stunning array of flora and fauna are contrived. Two forests converge into the Chattahoochee ? Oconee National Forest.With all this as a backdrop, the climate and scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains provide many opportunities for sightseeing and recreation. Whether interested in hiking, water sports, nostalgic train travel, or local "Appalachia" culture and more, visitors to the area are continually inspired to seek out new adventures.

The clear air of this mountainous region attracts hikers of all abilities onto rocky and meadow-linked trails. Horseback riding is also popular. Rental cabins in rustic locations are prevalent.

Of special note, during the springtime, the rhododendron flowers bloom. At this time, the Blue Ridge Mountains come alive in bright pink and red. Moreover, the changing fall hues of the forest can be witnessed between September and November.Water is always near. Lake Blue Ridge and the nearby Tocca River allow for boating, fishing, canoeing, kayaking or just a simple swim.

For the truly adventurous, whitewater rafting or tubing, where dazzling waterfalls can be accessed and admired.Bordering pristine Lake Blue Ridge is the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. Originally, part of the Marietta and Northern Railroads dating back to 1886, a ride on the line permits a panoramic perspective of the lake and the surrounding terrain and woodlands.The railway isn't the only mark of human hands upon the wilderness. "Appalachia" culture dates back to the early 1800's when Scottish and Irish immigrants took advantage of the available land. Their European heritage mixed with their new-world surroundings and, in turn, brought about an explosive culture rich in music, art, and storytelling.

Bluegrass music with its homespun stringed instruments and repetitive tunes truly warms the heart and soul. Many folk dances were developed out of these lively tunes. Bluegrass music is said to have inspired the more introspective country music, which, in turn, as legend tells, gave way to rock and roll.Folk arts and crafts are a reflection of the culture as well. Folk art galleries can be found in nearby mountain communities like the towns of Blue Ridge and Ellijay in Georgia. The local culture also resonates through storytelling in written poetic form or in oral presentation.

Both art object and expression celebrate "Appalachia" folklore.The immensity of the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia is apparent. The allurement borne out of the natural, couples with the fascinating impact civilizations, both past and present, have made.

.Bill Younger writes for Coldwell Banker High Country Realty which has been serving the real estate needs of the Blue Ridge Mountains and North Georgia for over 26 years.

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By: Bill Younger

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