The Perfect Vacation or Holiday in Orlando Your Guide to Making it So NOW

One would hope that they can spot a great deal on the perfect rental car to take their trip in, or the best airline flight connecting them from their home to Orlandos airport. The vast array of discounts, cheap flights and myriad means of securing a cheap flight are endless on the web, and easily comparable, thanks to the travel site=s own comparison tools and rate charts. But how can you effectively compare the merits and prices for your family=s perfect vacation rentals? How does one property near Orlando stack up to another, and how does one objectively evaluate the accommodations and their dizzying array of last minute specials, cheap tickets to Walt Disney World, choices of low cost lodgings and discounts on the nicest resort rentals? The answer isn't a quick and easy one, but one must consider many factors when choosing where to stay in the huge Orlando Florida area. Does the resort promise a quick trip to the clubs near downtown Orlando? Then this particular area of vacation rentals is not near Disney, by any stretch of the imagination.

Does the brochure for the townhouse rentals promise your family a cheap rate, conveniently located near Walt Disney World and Universal? Then it may be located on the overcrowded, noisy and heavily traveled International Drive. It=s a far better idea to take the kids shopping at one of the outlet malls on International Drive than to choose your resort rentals on this stretch of intense commercial activity and cheap tee shirt shops.The brochures and web sites of many townhouse rentals are packed with references to addresses Aclose to Walt Disney World@ or Anear Universal@. It is a good idea to scour a map of the Orlando area or get into the web site known as and plug your townhouse rental=s address in, so that you can see exactly how near or far your lodging is from your family=s choice of theme parks or attractions to visit.

Does the vacation rentals site mention tat they are in Kissimmee, Florida? Maybe they mention that the Kissimmee area is the back door to Disney. Quite true for some spots in Kissimmee, but do remember to check out a map and ponder exactly what art of Kissimmee that your resort rentals are situated. Does the address seem to put you right near the Old Town attraction in Kissimmee? That could be a less than convenient location for taking a quick and relaxing drive from your family=s vacation rentals to the theme parks. And what about visiting other destinations? Does your traveling party wish to make reservations for golf or perhaps go antique browsing in the warmth of sunny central Florida? Then one would hope that your townhouse rentals would be a short commute to the links, or possibly consider a destination for your family=s vacation rentals tat is more or less near all of the best of Central Florida. If you don=t mind getting a cheap rental car in which to ferry your kids back and forth from the attractions to your townhouse rental, the peace and relaxation of an area near Disney but located away from the bustle of Orlando may be just the right spot for a perfect vacation rentals.

It wouldn=t be a Walt Disney World vacation without having a few unusual souvenirs to take home with you on the plane. Perhaps the folks back home would relish the idea of carting home some produce, but the best resort or family vacation rental will more than likely be able to help you coordinate the shipping of your new treasures or exotic fruits back to your home state. The best type of souvenirs are those with some sort of special meaning for you and your family- and choosing the best price, best location and best resort rentals is one way of guaranteeing a great roll of film filled with wonderful family memories and smiles.How does a hard working professional determine who to spot the best vacation rentals, at a low cost, with accommodations that are filled with the basics and a few luxury touches? Avoid the resorts and time share resorts who promise that they will give you a free trip to Disney if you will sit through a presentation. Surely the presentation will be a very lengthy, high pressure sales pitch that will make you wish you were back in your home state, snow and ice included.

The resort rentals located within the Central Florida area can certainly boggle the mind. A few townhouse rentals cater to the foreign tourists of many different regions and dialects. There are even a few resorts that are named for the various members of the British Royal family and their titles. But they are not as near to Walt Disney World as one would prefer, and the perfect townhouse rentals are certainly newer than the British Empire.Orlando vacation rentals are so varied that they can=t be summed up easily in one sentence.

Most of all, one would hope that the best vacation rentals are offering specials or perhaps somewhat low cost reservations in an area near all of the famous attractions and theme parks. Of course, the lodging that you choose should offer enough elbow room for your family to take a breather in after spending all day in the Florida heat, and be properly air conditioned. The heat and long lines in the theme parks can lead to cranky and exhausted kids, and worn out parents as well. It=s no wonder that the Orlando residents long ago coined the joke that the name AEpcot@ doesn=t mean Aexperimental community of tomorrow@ as Walt Disney World contends, the locals often joke that it means Aevery parent carries one toddler@ or Aevery person comes out tired@. Orlando humor at it=s finest, but all too often true.

The perfect accommodations are so necessary to your vacation plans- one needs to plan for activities that will include some down time at the resort and activities to do on rainy days when the theme parks are not the best attractions to consider. Proximity to the main route through Orlando, the I4 corridor, is essential in planning your vacation in Central Florida, and the route that many Orlando natives prefer is I4. The intersection of U.S.

highway 27 (outside of Davenport, Florida, a serene small Florida town sometimes overlooked for prime vacation rentals)and I4 is a sweet spot for any one who wishes to have the lowest price and the shortest drive to any of the Orlando theme parks. The area near this intersection allows vacationing families the opportunity to take in the slower paced version of central Florida, and yet enjoy being close to Walt Disney World and all of the other Orlando attractions (including the Orlando Science Center, the Universal theme park, Wet and Wild water attraction, and the airplane themed Fantasy of Flight attraction). Being close to the intersection of U.S. Highway 27 and route 192 also puts you and your family into the best location for finding good restaurant specials, since many chain restaurants line the stretch of route 192 leading up to Walt Disney World.

Imaging a perfect vacation is easy, but planning one is simply a matter of good logistics.

.Art McCarty
Orlando Florida Family Lodging Expert
Orlando, Florida.

By: Art Mccarty

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