The Many Facets of Tanzania

Tanzania is a country that is an experience; it is a place of wonder and excitement. I think it is unparalleled in Africa for game; it has the world's last great migration; over a million animals thundering across the vast plains of the Serengeti.; This amazing spectacle made all the more thrilling with the many predators that follow the wildebeest as they migrate in an never ending cycle. The migrating animals are continually moving following the rains which provide the green grass on which the wildebeest rely for their survival.The Ngorongoro Crater is unique, many claims are made about destinations being unique when what is meant is unusual ? however ? Ngorongoro Crater is on its own and is truly unique.

This collapsed crater contains many different habitats in a small area; and has year round water. This results in many animals living permanently in the crater.Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and almost everyone knows of this majestic mountain. The Selous Game Reserve is one of the last places to see the wild dog. A new species of monkey was recently found in the south west of Tanzania and a previously unknown African violet has been discovered in the Udzungwa Mountains.Gombe Park over on the western lakes is one of the few refuges remaining in Africa for the chimpanzee.

Tanzania also has National Parks that have been created for the protection of mountain rain forest and all the plants that are endemic to these areas. There is a high plateau in the south that has become a National Park to protect orchids. There are also Marine Parks set up to protect the coast line, the corals and marine life.I feel that just the few facts above are enough to prove that this destination is worth making Tanzania the place to visit.

We have only skimmed the surface. In concluding I would like to add one last facet to this precious country; its people are friendly and love visitors. The people of Tanzania love peace and are united like no other people I know. This is a thing that not many African countries can boast!.

.For more information about vacations in Tanzania see and for general information about Tanzania look at http://www. using responsible tourism to make a difference.

By: Ian Williamson

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