Las Vegas Golf Resorts

There is no dearth of golf resorts in Las Vegas that provide world class hotels and spas, apart from the golf courses known for their scenic beauty and magnificent playability. Most of these resorts are spread over hundreds of acres. They offer excellent accommodations for families, along with golf-playing opportunities.

Some of the low-end resorts even offer golf packages on a per-person per-night basis. Some the resorts offer discounted packages to attract customers. The discounts generally vary from between 10 to 20 per cent. Quite often, free food vouchers are also provided. Some of these resorts host prominent golf championships and tournaments. The facilities provided by these resorts are world-class.

Some of them come under the "most expensive" category, while some others are reasonably affordable for those who have a passion for golf and are looking forward to a vacation.The packages offered by some of the resorts start as low as $99 per person per night. In some of the resorts, facilities to teach golf to beginners are also available. There are around half a dozen major golf resorts in the city, and they are run by some of the best-known and biggest players in the hospitality industry. You have theme-based golf clubs as part of these resorts, also.Of late, some of the resorts have started offering quite affordable stay and play packages, with prices as low as $100 per person.

This is being done to attract more and more golfers. An ever-increasing number of tourists, it seems, has not deterred some of the resorts to make the dream of a golf vacation come true for many more. It is clear that in Las Vegas' golf resorts the thrust is not only to provide prime tee-time access to the hotel guests, but also to provide superior course conditions and excellent customer service.

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By: Eddie Tobey

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