Harry Potterific Party

One of the most popular theme parties these days involves the world of Harry Potter. Parties can be for kids or adults, birthdays or any occasion. Make it a costume party for even more fun.Invitations for Harry Potter theme parties can be in the shape of a wand, Harry's round shape glasses or Harry Potter himself.

Party supply stores have invitations, plates, napkins and cups to match the whole Harry Potter theme. Crepe paper and balloons can be bought in black, blue, silver or gray to match the magical world Harry lives in.If you have the guests come in costume, hand out prizes for best costume. Take pictures of everyone as a group and an individual portrait to send in a note after the party.

It will give them an added momento to remember it by.Have a real magician come to your theme party. He can imitate tricks done by the wizard or just practice his own style of magic.

Kids and adults are fascinated by good tricks. Get magic books from the library and have everybody perform their own tricks for entertainment. Make it a contest on who can perform the best magic trick.Other crafts to do would be to make Harry Potter glasses using black pipe cleaners.

Use blue paper and glitter and everybody makes a wizard hat. If you are daring with a group of kids, give them all dowels that can be transformed into magic wands. Use sequins or stickers to give them extra flash.

Games to play at your Harry Potter theme party can include hide the wizard hat, pin the spell book into Harry's hands or Harry Potter trivia. Make a bunch of questions from all of the books and movies and see who knows the most about Harry Potter.

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By: Gail Leino

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