Ghost Hunt at the Ancient Ram Inn Wotton Under Edge United Kingdom

Being a huge fan of the TV Program, Most Haunted I've started visiting some of their locations. Last week I went to The Skirrid Inn in Abergavenny which was a fascinating and a beautiful place, full of history but nothing happened there. However three weeks before that I went to The Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton Under Edge.I thought that it would be cool just to go and take a photo of the outside, just to say we'd been there, but as luck would have it when we got there, the owner John was outside watering his plants. My Mum and I thought it would be a nice gesture to go up and say hi to him and make a donation for the up keep of this historical building.

He was really nice and insisted on showing us around seeing as we had travelled all the way from Cardiff.Unfortunatly I only had a normal digital camera (no night vision) and the house was very dark so I couldn't see much. Anyway we were where the open grave was and I picked up these 3 funny little red flashing lights on my camera (I've kept this recording) I'm not sure if its paranormal or not but I couldn't see them with the naked eye.We then moved on to the barn (where Stuart from Most Haunted had a run in with a spirit) but thankfully nothing happened to us whilst we were in there. We went upstairs and John (the owner) said he'd leave and went back outside.

I'm trying to stress the point that we were alone because of what happened next. It is a very small building so if anyone had of been in there we'd have known about it.Anyway we go into the Witches room and I record all around trying to get an orb to no avail. Then we went into the loft space sort of a third floor and asked if anyone was there to make a noise. At the end of that sentence we heard 3 loud taps. I cant say what it was maybe it was from outside or something but it sounded like it came from in the loft space to both of us.

We were too frightened to ask again so I suppose we'll never know.So after that we decide to head back to the garden but before we went I felt compelled to take one last look in the witches room again. I wish I never did because I went back in there and I swear to you that there was a book lying on the bottom of the bed and I am 99.9 percent sure it weren't there before. The thing that freaked me was the title of the book - "Hexes and Curses".Anyway we thanked the owner - John for his hospitality and made a hasty exit.

You can make your own mind up on this but I swear to you this is a true account of our visit to The Ancient Ram Inn!.

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By: Chris Pointon

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