Exhilarating Adventures Extreme Experiences Newquay Stag Weekends Brings Out the Hero in You

If you are all for a sunny beach, a platter of exhilarating adventures and an entrée of extreme experiences, you will get it all at a stag weekend in Newquay. Rightfully described as a party town extraordinaire, Newquay has become an ideal stag and hen weekend destination with a balanced combination of beach activities, nightlife and outdoor adventures. What's more, if you engage tour operators, you will be sure that your time here will be a memorable one.Coasteering is a popular adventure activity in Newquay, where a series of physical challenges await you. Hike, swim, climb and cliff jump your way to parts of the Cornish Islands which may otherwise be inaccessible. Explore caves filled with blowholes and whirlpools, followed by a 20 to 40 ft climb up a cliff.

Jump off the cliff from the top down into the surf below. This is definitely not an activity for the faint hearted!.A zap cat powerboat promises an adventure in itself. Take off from the surf beach located 10 minutes from Newquay town for a 3 hour zap cat ride. These amazing powerboats are fast, and travel at 40 knots per hour. Literally fly through the air as you and a buddy take a spin up the coast, while marvelling at the beautiful shoreline.

Take the ultimate test on your adrenalin drive as you walk across a tight rope from one cliff top to another! Known as the Postman's walk, this Newquay stag weekend experience is a challenge not to be missed. Two ropes connect two 200 ft cliffs, one for your hands and another for your feet. Walk across the beach with a safety harness attached to challenge your fear of heights!.Finally, a Newquay stag weekend is not complete without a visit to the beach themed nightclub. Dance to the popular chart toppers and you may even get a chance to enjoy the famed foam parties.

.What are you waiting for? Contact Shane Williss of Chillisauce to get everything organised perfectly. Chillisauce is a UK-based fully bonded stag tour operator with years of experience in stag weekend activities all around the country and abroad.

By: Shane Williss

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