Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz Prison is located in a very small piece of island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. The prison was originally an army fort, which was later converted into and used as a federal penitentiary for 29 years (1934 to 1963).The prison in Alcatraz had 336 cells divided into B & C Block. There were 36 segregation cells, and 6 solitary confinement cells in D Block. Two cells on the end of C Block were used as restrooms for the guard staff.

The cells in A Block were only used a few times for short term lock-up periods.Most prisoners incarcerated in Alcazar prison were those who were considered violent and dangerous, inmates considered escape risks, and who most probably refused to follow the rules and regulations at other Federal institutions.Rules in Alcazar Prison dictated that inmates were not allowed to discuss any matters concerning prison life and there was also to be no physical contact of any kind. Inmates communicated with their visitors by intercom and conversations were monitored most of the time.A prisoner could earn privileges in Alcazar prison which included working, visits from family members, access to the prison library, and recreational activities such as painting and music.

There were only four basic rights - food, clothing, shelter and medical care.There were no facilities for Capital Punishment in Alcatraz prison so an inmate who had been served a death sentence was transferred to San Quentin State Penitentiary for execution in the Gas Chamber. The average number of inmates in Alcazar Prison during the 29 years of its operation was around 260 and approximately 1545 total men imprisoned there.After the prison was closed, the American Indians from 1969 until 1971 inhabited the island.

Since October 1972, Alcatraz has become a historic site and part of the "Golden Gate National Recreation Area" - supervised by the National Park Service, which is now open to tours.

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By: Alison Cole

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