Become a Tourist in Your Own City

by OttawaInformationGuide


Have you ever been a tourist in the city that you call home? If you are wondering what to do this weekend, why not become a tourist in your own city? It is amazing what you will learn about its history and what it has to offer. So many of us go about our daily routine and never take the time to explore or enjoy our surroundings. It is not that we take our cities for granted it is just that we all get busy with our jobs and our families that we just don't find the time. We don't make it a priority.

So, how about we all spare some time and start exploring!

If you were a tourist coming to your city for the first time, what would you want to do? Where would you go? Do you know what is so special about your city? To begin with, you may want to go to your local Tourist Information Office or Visitors Bureau to get some ideas. Is there a special exhibit at one of the museums? Is there a bus or boat tour that you can participate in? Is there an event or a festival that is taking place that you would like to attend? Is there a celebration coming up that sounds like fun?

As you research the endless possibilities you will notice that a lot of activities don't even require a lot of money. Some museums are free on certain days of the week. Some other attractions offer discounts during the weekdays and when it is not the typical tourist season.

We have been making a point of visiting the local attractions and participating in events in our city for years. We have toured around our city by boat and by double decker bus. Both tours offered something different but both were highly enjoyable. We have also visited the local museums when special exhibits are on display. Not only did we learn about our country's history but we also learned a lot more about the world. We regularly attend the festivals that are taking place here. Some of the festivals have us trying out new wines, some have us viewing millions of tulips and others have us up on our feet dancing to the music of a live band. And do you know what? We are having an absolute blast.

With all this touring around, we have also grown to love our city even more. We have always been proud to call it our home and we love telling people all about it. But now that we have spent some serious time exploring it firsthand, we have seen what it has to offer. We have found new activities that we didn't even know existed here and we have become well informed of the history of our city. As a result of this we even decided to create a website giving tourists and residents information about this great city that we call home.

So, we ask you again. What are you doing this weekend? Why not take some time to explore your surroundings? Have a great time and enjoy!

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